What is Social Fresh?

Social Fresh is a social media training company as well as the original social marketing conference. We have hosted 15 social media conference since 2009.

Our blog is one of the most highly regarded in the industry, drawing 200,000 visitors a month, and is a free resource for anyone wanting to use social media to build their business. Follow us on Twitter for social marketing news and insights.

Social Fresh Conference - Jason Keath and Jay Baer

What Happens at Social Fresh Conference?

Our flagship event is a multi-day social media conference targeted for marketing professionals. The average Social Fresh attendee has been working in social media for a business 6 years. But even the most inexperienced digital marketers will learn a ton at a Social Fresh Conference.

The conference focuses on useful and practical presentations, with takeaways that you can use the very next day for business results. Social Fresh Conference is one track with single presenters only. No panels, no wondering if you are missing a good session. We curate so you don’t have to.

View past Social Fresh Conference sessions here.

Who Attends?

Attendees are marketers who are using social media to build their business, in all types of businesses and in all sizes of companies.

Social Fresh attendees work are social media and community managers, communications and marketing specialists, content marketers, designers, top executives, account teams, business managers, and consultants.

Some of the top industries represented at Social Fresh include:

Social Fresh Conference - Attendees

Marketers — Social Fresh attendees are marketers. From small business owners to agency managers to Fortune 500 brand teams, Social Fresh attendees cover a broad range of marketing perspectives. This is part of the value. Learning is not just about the quality of the content and the speakers, but the fellow audience members who you will discuss ideas with, network with, learn from as well as teach.

Leaders — Employees and business owners that choose to attend Social Fresh are the trendsetters amongst their peers.

Knowledgable — Social Fresh attendees are not just leaders in their own ecosystems, but as a whole are social media thought leaders. They control marketing budgets, lead brand teams, are community managers, and help build and run much of the software that drives social media forward each day.

What The Experts Say:

Our Next Conference

The next Social Fresh Conference is in Tampa Bay, Florida on September 23-25, 2015.

Reserve your seat now.