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February 6-7 at the Doubletree by Hilton, Tampa Westshore
Social Fresh EAST 2012 will be the first of a new focus for Social Fresh conferences. We have invited bigger name speakers, drilling down into better content, and inviting more people to the party. Join us in Tampa, FL on February 6-7 for 2 days of advanced social media training from companies like Ford, RadioShack, Nordstrom and more. Listen to industry thought leaders like Jay Baer and Christopher Penn. And network with the smartest social media professionals in the country.


February 6-7, 2012Doubletree by Hilton, Tampa Westshore 4500 West Cypress Street

7 Reasons You Can't Afford To Miss Social Fresh

We have announced our first round of speakers and opened up tickets as of today. The sooner you buy your tickets the better deal you will get. So get more info nowand sign up soon.

1. Three Awesome Keynotes

In Tampa, Social Fresh EAST will include three keynote speakers that are some of our best yet. Scott Monty has lead the way on some of the most innovative social media campaigns in the industry as the head of Ford's social media. From the Fiesta Movement to launching the 2011 Ford Explorer live from Time Square on their Facebook page. Scott is also the originator of the industry term "Tweetup" now in the Oxford English Dictionary. Jay Baer of Convince & Convert is one of the highest rated speakers in Social Fresh history. His unique blend of tested industry knowledge plus plenty of humor and stage presence to keep you on the edge of your seat makes him one of the top social media speakers, period. Chris Penn is one of the sharpest analytical minds in social media. He co-hosts the Marketing Over Coffee, one of the most popular marketing podcasts on the web. Chris also teaches social media and internet marketing for the University of San Francisco Online. At his day job Chris leads social media and online marketing efforts for email service provider WhatCounts. We are extremely excited to welcome these three gentlemen as the keynote speakers for our first social media conference of 2012.     

2. Back Up Your Social Media With Research

Social Fresh produces social media conferences that are focused on actionable results. And using sound research, data, and testing helps all of us as marketers more forward more quickly with best practices. Argyle Social, eMarketer, and HubSpot will all be present at Social Fresh EAST, covering topics like B2B Lead Generation with Kipp Bodnar, Lessons From the Top 500 Online Retailers with Eric Boggs, and a State of Social Media Industry Report from Jesse Catlin.     

3. Info-Packed Training Sessions, 14 In All

We bring you 14 total training sessions at Social Fresh EAST (at least, maybe more). These sessions are all individual speakers presenting on actionable topics. There are not other sessions going on at the same time that you might miss. There are not panels that take 10 minutes of introductions to get started answering basic questions. Each session is selected by our content committee to bring you an experienced speaker, with real insights in advanced social media marketing. Social Fresh is known for our speaker quality. And we are bring that to you in spades at Social Fresh EAST. Most of the sessions at Social Fresh EAST will be 30 minutes in duration. We challenge our incredibly smart speakers to focus on more narrow topics and focus their presentations on their most valuable knowledge. Each session is curated to be valuable for all social marketers. From our Fortune 500 attendees to small startups to the agencies that fill the room. 10 of the speakers joining us on February 6 & 7 are listed below for you. We will be announcing the rest this week and next week.  

4. The Best Social Media Industry Networking

Each day at Social Fresh builds in networking opportunities. And our attendees are social media professionals, so the learning does not stop when speakers leave the stage. In fact, the conversations during lunch, networking breaks, or our closing receptions might actually be where you learn the most. Talking about what you just saw a speaker present on, is the best way to cement that knowledge and figure out how to best act on it with your peers.

5. Leading Brand Lessons

An important part of Social Fresh are the brand lessons that leading companies have learned as they break new ground in such a fast paced industry. From the sponsored Tweets of RadioShack to the publishing powerhouse at AOL. Sessions that give you a behind the scenes look at how these brands are using social to build better businesses and empower consumers are critical to moving us all forward.   

6. Top Industry Experts

We love to bring smart people to talk at Social Fresh events. Sometimes they are at big brands. And sometimes they are running agencies and vendor services that drive much of the innovation in social media marketing. Josh Karpf is helping the family of PepsiCo brands lead the way in social media, generating some of the best brand engagement across all major social networks. Chuck Hemann is doing some great work at one of the largest PR firms in the world, Edelman Digital. There he leads the way on analytics and metrics. And Jane Quigley has quietly been working with some of the biggest brands to push their social media marketing to a level where return on their investment is clear.   

7. Sunshine

Yes, it is true. Tampa in February has a few warmer benefits when compared to most of the country. So if you are stuck in Chicago, New York, Boston or any city that will still be a bit chilly in February. Join us in Florida for a few days. Last year, the temperature was 80 degrees. So if none of the above, awesome content sells you on Social Fresh EAST, then we won't tell anyone if you just want to take a couple days away from the office to meet some cool people and sit by the pool. But we both know that this is a conference where you will not miss the sessions. 2 Days of Advanced Social Media Marketing Day two is a deep dive into social media marketing tactics, strategy and brand lessons. Hear from industry leaders as they share lessons and steps for improving your ROI, measurement, content strategy creation, content distribution, how to get customers to recommend your business to others online and more.

During Social Fresh EAST's two days of training, our educational track can be broken down into a few core focus points: Training Topics — Social Fresh is adding more and more training opportunities. Our sessions focus more on teaching actionable lessons and less on broader strokes or concept discussion. Attendees told us they wanted more hands on training, so now we have including training topics for teaching tactics and strategy throughout the entire conference. We avoid talking ABOUT social media and focus on showing you what you can do today. We select the topics and sessions we think you will learn the most from. We include brand lessons that will teach you. Attendees from Social Fresh can hit the ground running after the event. They take away tons of notes and insights that can be implemented right away. Better Speakers — I don't know of a training event that can say they have the experience that Social Fresh has with finding the right social media speakers and topics for an audience of marketers. We have hosted hundreds of top industry speakers. The best speakers are one part high level insights, one part first hand knowledge, and one part not boring the attendees to tears. We know who can convey the best social media lessons and brand lessons. We know who is rated the highest by your marketing peers, event after event. And we know which speakers can actually send people away inspired and more confident, as opposed to more confused and wanting more. Our EAST conference has the best line up of smart speakers that we have ever put together. These thought leaders get it and put this stuff into practice for clients and big businesses every day.

Why is Social Fresh Different?

Social Fresh Conference Focus on Networking — Many times you learn more in the hallway, at lunch break, or on the exhibitor floor than you do taking notes listening to a speaker or panel. Because when we actually talk about concepts and use our mind to think through the little gems we gathered in a session, we cement concepts better. Speaking to peers and fellow marketers about the information being presented is a large part of learning. Social Fresh emphasizes networking time and space before, during and after the conference. Focus on Fun — Yes we are here for business. Yes we are here to learn and take back important lessons, connections and tips for our businesses and clients. But if you do not enjoy the sessions you simply will not learn anything. Our speakers know this and we know this. We build in plenty of opportunities to relax, enjoy our networking events, and we build in fun distractions into our exhibitor floor. Focus on Actionable Content — Education is equal parts inspiration and instruction. If you focus on high level concept all day and show how to implement anything, you will miss out on actually giving people what they need to start using what they learned. We make sure the content presented comes back to actionable steps for everyone in the audience. Focus on Case Studies — Case studies and examples and great stories of success and failure are important. They show us what is possible. They show us mistakes are not the end of the world. They broaden our knowledge. And they extend the reach of our ideas. Case studies are not templates, but they are important parts of building your social media prowess and an important part of Social Fresh.

The People Make These Events

Speakers: Social Fresh has hosted hundreds of speakers who represent the top minds in the industry. They work daily, in the trenches, producing the most successful social media campaigns out there for big and small companies alike. We have learned who is best at truly teaching an audience what they need to do next. Attendees: Social Fresh attendees are marketers and social media professionals. They work at agencies, vendors, startups, small businesses, and medium to large enterprise companies. They get paid to build social media strategy for their companies and they come to Social Fresh to truly find out what works and what doesn't. Connect with like minded peers who can help you learn the day of and become your support structure after you leave the conference.


Jay Baer

Jay Baer

Jay Baer
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Adrian Parker

Adrian Parker
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Chuck Hemann

Chuck Hemann
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