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Thursday and Friday, September 27th & 28th, 2012 at the Doubletree by Hilton, Mission Valley Get in on the freshness! Welcome to the social media conference you have always wanted to attend. What does that actually mean? Social Fresh has been curating top social media conferences for almost 4 years now. Our first San Diego event will be our 15th social media marketing conference. We've learned a lot. 1. A Single Track First and foremost. We host one single track for all attendees. There are a lot of conferences out there with three, four, or even a dozen content choices for each session. They cover a lot, but it's also a bit of a gamble whether you end up in a session where you can actually learn something. We curate, so you don't have to. Our sessions are rich with examples and actionable for everyone from Coca-Cola to the corner store. 2. 30 Minute Sessions I can sit through a 3 hour lecture on Instagram marketing for Scandinavian hospitality brands, but it won't be useful to most of us, and even the best presentation loses you after 45 minutes or so. We keep sessions short. And we keep topics focused. Every session will drill down to core concepts, examples, and/or data. Keeping sessions to 30 minutes challenges our amazing speakers to feature their best content, while keeping your attention — maximizing what you can takeaway from each presenter. 3. No Panels. No Gambling. We could invite 150 speakers for a two day conference. And we could invite 6 people on stage for each session. But panels are gambling. When one person owns the stage, they are responsible for delivering value to the audience. When a panel graces the stage, each voice competes for time, and often a few of those voices fail to deliver. Smart social media professionals with examples, data, and actionable information are hard to find. Even more so, finding speakers with the ability to keep your attention long enough to convey that valuable info, is an even rarer breed. When we do find these diamonds in the social media rough, we like to give them the whole stage, and see them rise to the occasion. 4. Group Learning is What Makes a Conference The secret ingredient to every conference experience are the other attendees sitting around you. Social Fresh attendees are marketing professionals, business owners, and innovators that come from across the country, quite a few traveling thousands of miles, to get serious about social media. Oh yeah, and have a little fun. It is no accident that our events take place in Tampa, Florida and San Diego, California. It's no accident that we build in time, space, and parties. Our attendees get to meet each other. They enjoy learning as a group. In fact, oftentimes more “AHA!” moments happen in the hallways between sessions than they do sitting in rows of chairs, taking notes. Both elements are important to us, and important to the experience of refreshing your social media marketing inspiration tank.



Social Fresh is two days of high value content surrounded by tons of opportunities to connect with and learn from fellow attendees, sponsors and speakers. We build in snack breaks, a lunch break, receptions, after parties, and group exercises. These breaks give your brain a rest and let you build  relationships that will bring value long after the conference ends Attendees will also have have full access to the Social Fresh exhibitor lounge. Mix and mingle with the vendors, agencies and partners that push the social media marketing industry forward.


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But wait, there's more… 10 additional Social Fresh conference sessions with your registration. All online. Mobile + Social Mini Conference 6 live sessions recorded live in Baltimore, Maryland. These presentations will cover what is a fast growing segment of social media marketing, the mobile user. How do we augment our online marketing to make sure it still works for todays Smartphone and iPad user? Topics and Presenters:
  1. The Full Mobile Marketing Playbook with Jeanne Hopkins of HubSpot
  2. Tracking the Mobile Web with Tim Hayden of Edelman
  3. Creating Content Marketing for Mobile with CC Chapman of Content Rules
  4. SMS/Text Message Marketing with Justin Mastrangelo of JA Interactive
  5. How To Optimize Your Emails for Mobile with Justine Jordan of Litmus
  6. What Makes A Great Mobile App with Simon Salt of IncSlingers
Advanced Facebook Marketing And yes, we squeezed in a little more goodness. These sessions were some of the best from our Facebook training this year:
  1. Integrating Two Powerhouses, Email + Facebook — Jay Baer
  2. Facebook Analytics, Beyond Just Insights — Chris Penn
  3. Using Facebook Offers To Turn Likes Into Sales — Victoria Gibson
  4. Visual Authoring & The Future Of Page Management — Roland Smart
All 10 of these videos will be available to all of our attendees before the conference to play at your convenience.



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